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GALDOPHOTO_24April2021_Board AF_BoardAF


It's basic AF.   Kidding...this is our most simple yet still impressive and carefully curated board.  Seasonal and local ingredients whenever possible.  It's a fine spread of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, dried fruit, jams and nuts. 

(up to 6ppl) - $150

(up to 10 ppl) - $250

(up to 15 ppl) - $375

GALDOPHOTO_24April2021_Board AF_BoardAF


It's bigger and better AF.  Are you really hungry or have a lot of friends coming over?  If you want something for everyone, this board incorporates everything Basic AF plus house made spreads, tapas style bites and anything else we deem worthy.

(up to 10ppl) - $350

(up to 20 ppl) - $700

(up to 30 ppl) - $950

GALDOPHOTO_24April2021_Board AF_BoardAF


This board is healthy AF.  If you are a vegan, gluten free, pescatarian, vegetarian, plant based, paleo, Jurassic, Neanderthal, an alien from outer space or just trying to be healthy AF, this board can be customized for you. 

(up to 6ppl) - $180

(up to 12 ppl) - $360

(up to 15 ppl) - $450

GALDOPHOTO_24April2021_Board AF_BoardAF


A totally sweet way to make your event even more memorable. This board includes a variety of handmade creations from cookies and cheesecake bites to Build-your-own s'mores...and fresh fruit of course.

(up to 6ppl) - $90

(up to 12 ppl) - $180

(up to 15 ppl) - $225

GALDOPHOTO_24April2021_Board AF_BoardAF
GALDOPHOTO_24April2021_Board AF_BoardAF


Use your imagination...Lets' collaborate.  Tell us what's on your "vision board" and we will make it a reality.



Are you Board AF of being cooped up and locked down.  IT'S A BOARD IN A BOX!  You can take it on a train, you can take it on a plane, you can take it on a boat, you can throw it in your tote.

personal size:  $45 - $65 (based on the type of board)

larger size (2-4ppl): $85- $125 (based on the type of board)


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* Exclusive Menu and Pricing for Game Night Out Chicago*

Must choose 1 package:

Basic AF package - $30 per person

It includes our Basic AF charcuterie. Meat, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, jam.


Veggie AF package - $25 per person

Includes: fresh and roasted vegetables and one dip of your choice 


Combo AF package - $35 per person

Includes:  basic AF plus crudite and one dip of your choice 


*packages can be made vegetarian upon request 

Dip Choices - each additional $3 per person

kale artichoke, garlic and olive tapanade, whipped feta with seasonal topping and/or hummus 

Custom AF package - inquiry for pricing 

If you have a specific theme or request just ask!  


Accessorized AF  (add ons to packages)

Skewers - $5 per person

Choice of:  antipasto, seasonal, sausage and peppers or caprese

Spreads - $7 per person (choice of)

Buffalo (chicken or jackfruit) with celery, carrot, ritz crackers

BBQ (pork, chicken or jackfruit) with pickles and brioche bun

Smoked Trout dip with rye crisps, pickled onions, capers and dill

Bigger Bites - $9 per person

Italian Grinders,  Vegetarian Gyros,  Chicago style pigs in a blanket 

Shrimp Ceviche - $ 10 per person

with tortilla chips 

Sweet AF - $15 per person

cookies, chocolates, fresh fruit, other seasonal sweets


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